Halloween Flash Day

Create Haunting Halloween Art!


Date & Time

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

October 31, 2023

10:00 am


6:00 pm




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Quill and Dagger Tattoos
191 Hurontario St., Unit 10
sold out
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About This Event

Halloween Flash Day Alert! 🎃


Get ready for a spine-tingling ink experience at Quill and Dagger Tattoos, featuring the captivating designs of @copaceticink and @natasha_tattoos - all showcased on Quill and Dagger's page! 💀✨


To secure your spot for a piece of haunting art, reach out to the artist of your choice.

Be sure to include your preferred design, placement, colour, and your availability for that thrilling Halloween day! 🕷️🖋️🌙


And TAG US @famouslycollingwood on Instagram if you go - we'd love to see your inspired new ink! ✌

About The Event Organizer

Quill & Dagger Tattoos

Quill & Dagger operates as an appointment-only, private studio utilizing a selective booking system with availability that opens up periodically throughout the year.

The studio will only work with clients ages 18 and over and will not tattoo anyone under this age, even with parental consent.

Artists will only tattoo the person they are corresponding with. No third-party bookings/appointments.

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