Blue Mountains Arts & Crafts Walk

Discover arts and culture in Thornbury and Clarksburg.


Date & Time

Saturday, July 6, 2024

July 6, 2024

10:00 am


4:00 pm




FREE to Attend



Bruce St & Marsh St
Bruce St & Marsh St
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About This Event

Experience a vibrant, self-guided tour through the picturesque villages of Thornbury and Clarksburg! This enchanting outdoor event showcases the rich arts and culture of the Blue Mountains area, offering a delightful day of exploration and discovery.

Start your adventure by grabbing a map and choose your starting point—either downtown Clarksburg or Thornbury. Stroll along the scenic streets of Marsh and Bruce, where each turn reveals something new and exciting:

  • Live musicians energizing the downtown cores.
  • Talented artists and artisans creating and displaying their works on the lawns of homes, churches, and businesses.
  • Exclusive discounts and specials at local stores and restaurants.
  • Open house galleries with stunning artwork on display.

Expect a captivating array of handmade crafts, artwork, and specialty items, including paintings, pottery, jewelry, textiles, woodworking, glasswork, sculptures, and photography. Be sure to bring a bag to carry all your unique finds!

At the end of your journey, hop on the convenient Arts Walk shuttle to return to your starting point, or retrace your steps to uncover any hidden gems you might have missed.

Don't miss out on this celebration of creativity and culture!

About The Event Organizer

The Blue Mountains Public Library

The Blue Mountains Public Library is a dynamic centre of community engagement where everyone can connect, explore and create. Updated as part of the 2022 Community Consultation process.

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