Tremont Studios

Tremont Studios offers a vibrant artistic community in Collingwood, where talented artists create captivating artwork in ten individual studios, housed in the historic Tremont building, and visitors are welcome to explore the ever-changing gallery and engage with the creative process of the artists.

Tremont Studios
Tremont Studios

About Tremont Studios

Situated in the vibrant Creative Simcoe Street neighborhood, on the second floor of The Tremont building, it houses ten individual studios where talented artists create a captivating array of artwork.

The hallways of the building serve as an ever-changing gallery, showcasing new exhibitions every other month. Visitors are welcome to explore the studios and meet the artists, providing a unique opportunity to engage with their creative process.

Originally built in 1889 as a hotel, The Tremont holds significant historical value, representing Collingwood's thriving railway and shipbuilding era. After undergoing a meticulous restoration in 2009, the building now stands as a testament to its rich past.

Please note that currently, access to the second floor of Tremont Studios is available by appointment only.

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