The Retreat House

The Retreat House B&B in The Blue Mountains, Ontario is a cherished and transformed space created with guests' deep rejuvenation and comfort in mind.

The Retreat House
The Retreat House

About The Retreat House

Once upon a time in about the year 2013 there lived a very old broken down overgrown house. This house lived right next door to Deb, whose nickname is Mcgyver because she can actually do a bit of everything. Deb met Jen and they went from selling banana ice cream to running healing retreats together along with other very talented friends. It was a dream come true - except for the part that they had to lug everything in the kitchen from house to house - this became quite annoying.

One day the owner of the broken down overgrown house came to visit and he ran into deb and told her he was selling the house. He left and Deb thought about it and looked at it and thought about it and walked back and forth a lot and a couple weeks later the owner came back, Deb marched over to him and said she'd buy it!!

Deb was very ambitious, she had a vision. NO more lugging the kitchen back and forth, and she proclaimed “This will be The Retreat House B&B” and that's how it got its name. Deb worked night and day (others helped, Jen was on team demo) and over 3 years the sad neglected house was transformed into a loved bright happy home.

It was Debs vision and heart and sweat that created the retreat house. Every nail, every bench, every stroke of paint… get it was created with our guests in mind. People who may need a little time away to reflect and relax, or run around in nature, eat healthy meals, heal. Every bed was jumped on, every duvet snuggled all to ensure a comfy place to rest. The Retreat House was created with specific intention to be a space for deep rejuvenation. Debs soul went into this house and Jen loves every inch of it with all of her heart.

The Retreat House grows and evolves to fit our guests needs and forever will. The very old broken down house was destined to meet Deb and fill its full potential of becoming the safe haven, happy bright relaxing Retreat House.

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