Lotus Sound

Lotus Sound - A serene space for adults to explore the transformative power of sound. Join in for workshops, sound baths, or Kirtan gatherings, located in downtown Collingwood, Ontario.

Lotus Sound
Lotus Sound

About Lotus Sound

At Lotus Sound we pride ourselves in offering each person that comes through our door an inspiring environment to promote personal growth and connection through the modality of sound. Whether it's a sound bath, attending a transformative workshop or joining us for a Kirtan gathering, our intention is to inspire our guests to embrace sound as a personal practice.

When we open to sound as a personal practice we can experience a deeper connection with ourselves and our loved ones, we can use sound as a meditative tool to calm and focus the mind and through conscious listening we can enrich our lives by gaining new perspectives on the world around us (just to name a few potential benefits!)

Our passion is to share the experience of intentional sound in the most organic way possible while honouring methods and musical practices that have been a part of the human experience for millennia. To support this path, all of our instruments are acoustic and fuelled 100% by direct human contact, intuition, feeling and intention in the moment.

Visit us at 87B Hurontario Street in beautiful Downtown Collingwood.

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