Girl Time Inc.

Join a vibrant women's community in South Georgian Bay! Girl Time Inc. hosts social, creative, and net-giving experiences to connect women and foster growth!

Girl Time Inc.
Girl Time Inc.

About Girl Time Inc.

Girl Time Inc. is a vibrant community organization called KULA, which is dedicated to serving women and women in business in the South Georgian Bay Area. They organize a variety of events, social gatherings, and activities that bring women together. Their mission is to serve as a connecting force for women, providing a space where they can socialize, collaborate, build friendships, embrace a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspire one another to grow personally, professionally, and holistically. Through their experiences, they aim to bridge the gap and foster strong connections among women in the community.

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You'll want to keep your eyes on Girl Time Inc. for events like these:

The Bubbles Party

The Bubbles Party

Celebration of women, book launch & overall good time!
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