Georgian Triangle Humane Society

Discover the power of compassion with Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Through their charity work, sheltering homeless animals, and engaging programs, they foster a stronger community and make a difference!

Georgian Triangle Humane Society
Georgian Triangle Humane Society

About Georgian Triangle Humane Society

We are a non-profit charity that operates an Animal Centre serving the south Georgian Bay region. Founded in 1999, we provide shelter to more than 1,500 homeless animals each year and adopt them to caring families. At the same time, we help to keep more than 3,000 pets out of the shelter system through our numerous programs and services designed to keep pets with their families during emergencies and crisis.

We also know that pets help people. This is why we offer a variety of engaging After School programs, which has provided a safe place for more than 2,000 youth to learn more about the human-animal bond and improve their compassion and empathy through positive social interactions, time spent with like-minded people and engaging in cuddle time with cats and dogs. ​

Our life-long purpose is to learn, understand, educate, and evolve with our community. We do so to empower and inspire positive change.

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Holiday Open House

Holiday Open House

Delight in festive cheer with furry friends.
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